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High Pressure Cleaning, No Pressure Service!

Serving Northern Ontario,  we are committed to ensuring that we provide 100% customer satisfaction. 

We do it all!

High Pressure Steam Cleaning (Hot & Cold)

  • Vehicle Fleet Cleaning (Scrub & Wash Services)

  • Heavy Equipment Cleaning

  • Acid Cleaning

  • Degreasing

  • Parking Lot Cleaning

  • Pipe Cleaning

  • Frozen Pipes Unclogging

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Exterior Building Cleaning

  • Garbage Compactors Cleaning & Disinfecting

We serve all industries.

  • Public and Private Sector

  • Government Organizations

  • Construction and Landscaping Industries

  • Forestry Industry

  • Mining Industry

Our technicians are certified and trained professionals who are passionate about their work and are commitment to ensuring that they provide the utmost customer care while preserving and protecting the environment.  We treat every job as though we owned it!

All our of our products are Eco-friendly and all of our vehicles are equipped with spill boom pads and absorbents.

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